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Acute lower back pain


・Acupuncturist is the nationally certified medical practitioners.  Our practitioners licensed to practice acupuncture and Moxibustion.  We try to find the root of the problem to get the best results for our patient.

・We are well experienced various range of acute lower back pain. Over 100 new cases a year come to our clinic.

・You can feel relief from the pain or discomfort right after our treatment. More than 90% of cases improve after the treatment once or twice on average.


Under Covid-19

For our patients
For our staffs
For the society

Live a life with COVID-19.
Tanaka acupuncture clinic will continue it’s practice with precautionary measures.
We try to have correct understanding and knowledge, and watch the social situation.

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 Improve your mobility for a speedy recovery

To support a speedy recovery“What causes the pain”  “Is this really acute lower back pain or any other symptoms ?”
We seek the real problem hidden in the pain when we examine the acute lower back pain.

Acute lower back pain usually gets better on its own in about 2weeks if it is really acute pain.  But bed rest is not recommended typically for acute lower back pain.
What you need for speedy recovery is early treatment.

Acupuncture treatment provides immediate effect in reducing pain of acute lower back pain.
90% of our cases patients feel 70% less pain than before treatment just once or twice on average. Acupuncture treatment helps free from pain speedy, then improves your mobility dramatically. It leads to speed recovery from acute lower back pain.



Acute lower back pain and Chronic lower back pain

Acute lower back pain and chronic lower back pain. They are similar but different and each has particular characteristics. With an acute lower back pain, too much pain to move.  In many cases, even cannot move at all.
The pain intensity is more than chronic pain.

The cause of acute lower back pain is really simple. Something goes wrong with some part of fascia, and such a sudden failure for the human body appears as strong sudden pain.

Chronic lower back pain is defined as pain continues for 12 weeks or longer.  It has various causes, so we work to relieve one by one with our treatment.


The cause of acute lower back pain
As to fascia

Here is the “Views of the living fascia” from NHK TV program. It is about treatment for lower back pain and the mechanisms of the pain related fascia. Our technique of acupuncture is effective to release the fascia tension appropriately.

Acute lower back pain has various range of pain

The depth of damaged fascia or inflammation-affected parts cause to differences of pain and symptoms. The case that pain appears in lower back and buttock might relate the nerve system in the spine. If you have a problem in polyfidus, you cannot bend forward with too much pain.

The maximum effect at the lowest disadvantage

We have over 100 patients with an acute lower back pain a year, and it is the first time of acupuncture treatment for most of them. They contact us and come to our clinic in the early stages.

The first treatment will be relatively conservative. We see how patients respond to acupuncture first. There are differences in sensations and effectiveness for each patient. We always practice safe treatment and maximum effectiveness for the best results to each patient.

We guarantee the characteristic of acute lower back pain treatment. The initial treatment is 7700 yen, and we have one additional treatment at no charge for acute lower back pain.
ex: the initial treatment and additional treatment on the same day.
the initial treatment and additional treatment next day.


We are proud of acupuncture treatment for acute lower back pain

You can choose clinic for orthopedics or body work, chiropractic …
However if you need true treatment to get free from pain and speedy recovery, acupuncture treatment is the best treatment for the best result.

A lot of patients visiting our clinic told us “If I knew about acupuncture earlier” We think it’s an opportunity lost for patients and for us as acupuncturists. The best way for recovery from acute low back pain is acupuncture treatment. We need to built it as the common sense of medical practice.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic Tenjin Fukuoka

other low back pain

acute lower back pain and others

Compression fracture
We see the possibility of compression fracture for elderly or long-term steroid use patients sometimes. In those cases, we don’t practice any treatment and tell them go to see a doctor quickly.

Ureteral stones
We see a few cases in once every few years, after relieved acute lower back pain patient felt urinary pain. Ureteral stones was found at the hospital next day.




Warning sign as the pain 

As to warning sign, there are some completely different diseases with quite similar pain. If you doubt it, go to see a doctor earlier.

1.Get injured in these days.
Fall from a high place or have a traffic accident e.t.c.
It takes a while to be aware of compression fracture for the elderly or pain of injury most of the time.
2.The pain is getting worse, unbearable constant pain.
Sometimes pain of acute lower back pain gets worse in rare cases, but be careful with your pain. If you have continuous pain or even getting worse, you need to go to see your doctor now.
3.You have pain at night time, feel pain even if you stay still.
4.You have a fever and/or cold sweat.
5.You have pain in your chest not only lower back pain.
6.You have had illnesses such as cancer, long-term medication such as steroid use.
7.You have numbness or paralysis on your leg.
8.You have difficulty with urination or bowl movement.


If any of those applies to you with lower back pain, we ask you to go to see your doctor.
If we think you need to see a doctor, go for a doctor first and then we practice acupuncture treatment depends on cases.


initial consultation fee

 Initial consultation
 Adult 2,200yen
student・preschooler 1,100yen


treatment fee

treatment fee
Senior high schooler・College student3,300yen
Junior high schooler1,650yen


※Tax included
※We accept cash, paypay, and credit card.
※1,100yen will be added on Saturday and Sunday.


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